The Bullion Corner– Episode One– PAMP Gold and Platinum 10 oz bars, Silver Kookaburras, and more

Join me on a mystical and amazing trip through the hallowed halls of precious metals investing. We will be taking a whirlwind tour through the entire spectru…
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The title says it all straight from Australia, tiny bar but oh so much shine. Thanks for watching Feel free to like, comment and subscribe. Cheers.
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  1. god you’re an arrogant prick. just the tone in your voice pisses me off.
    Precious metals are easier to sell in lighter weights and often bring in a
    higher premium; 1oz silver bars are also a great bartering currency.
    So saving up to buy 100 oz silver bar is pretty lousy advice. 

  2. This was absolutely annoying, and the worst advice from a so called
    investor good luck with your Stack. I WILL NOT WATCH ANY FURTHER EPISODES
    THE END. Obtw your music choice sucks as hard as your advice and irritating

  3. well for the most part i’m with you but the idea of 1oz rounds being trash
    is a mistake imo…..clearly your pockets are super deep so i’m sure it
    would be nothing for you to just put 12K into a monster of silver…..that
    way “if” you ever needed to deal with nickel & dime type deals you could
    use those…..other than that all i can say is WOW

  4. Don’t wait a year. Get another 10 ounce gold bar now and don’t take it out
    of the packaging. Then do a video. 🙂

  5. Like a porn video…your voice gets desperate as he video progresses.
    Strange. Good strange though.

  6. well I bought some one gram gold bars and i understand what you are saying
    dicklesberg. but to be honest on the other hand you can still make money if
    you have a whole bunch of them and sell them to a nice dealer or gold
    bureau or ampex

  7. Why is this guy treating bullion like its numismatics? The lady is gorgeous
    but bullion is about amount and purity not how it looks. Go buy a shipwreck
    coin or something to show to your friends. Show me the person or
    institution thats going to put a higher value on your bullion in the event
    of a full blown economic meltdown or when you just go to cash out. Apmex or
    JM are not backwater unknown mints , I laughed audibly…this guy either
    knows squat about bullion investment or is on the payroll.

  8. Bang for the buck, buy in ounces. Some go less 1/10th Oz, but you pay
    higher. Gemstones are out, maybe Emerald or Ruby might be worth it but not

  9. in Africa the government works with world diamond processors, such as De
    Beers. Great that you mentioned diamonds! De Beers controls about 95% of
    the diamond supply and they restrict the supply which creates a false
    rarity, increasing their values from penny’s to multiple dollars. Many
    places in Africa has so many diamonds a person can find them just by
    scooping up soil, so the government protects its diamond interests by
    execution of those who mine on their own. PBS had a great documentary.

  10. I know in the middle of that 10oz. Pamp gold bar there is a nice chunk of
    tungsten, but what however can be in the middle of the Pamp platinum bar?

  11. Nothing wrong with silver… In fact, it may outperform gold, in the
    long-term. I like the little 10 oz. silver bars; about the size of an
    iPhone. Very liquid and portable. And, have a box of silver Eagles, for
    pure liquidity. As for gold, I’m a fan of gold Eagles. Again, for
    liquidity; I don’t mind paying the premium over spot. Finally, I agree
    about not buying the APMEX or similarly branded stuff, to save a few bucks.
    It’s really not worth it.

  12. can you tell me where on internet can i purchase some good Gold ??? thank
    you for answer Joseph

  13. For such a small sized bar, I wouldn’t open the casing up, since the value
    erosion as a % of the total value would probably be high. That’s part of
    the problem of buying in such small quantities.

  14. Sweet little bar, I love these little guys.
    I got some falcons on the way, I hope they arrive this week, not to worried
    about milk spots, I know a few will have them. The sunshine rounds are
    loaded with them too but I like the security feature on them, I stack the
    sunshine rounds like crazy to bring my cost average down from the other
    higher premium stuff I buy, to be honest if you dont want milk spots buy
    the higher end stuff that is lower mintage but your stack gets really
    expensive then.

  15. I love these bars, I’m trying to build a collection of them myself. They
    feel so good to hold in your hand. 

  16. I LOVE THE PERTH MINT BARS!!!! I don’t have any 10oz yet but really should
    get at least one! After watching your video I’m already planning my next
    one about some different Perth Mint bars…. if your a Perth Mint fan check
    out my channel and stay posted for a great video on some of the other Perth
    Mint silver bars!!! THANKS FOR SHARING AND CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for sharing and congrats on picking up one for your ‘Bucket Stack’.

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