SILVER:Why Buy Silver Now+ Buying Silver Coins+Robert Kiyosak

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Best Silver Coins To Buy

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28 Comments on “SILVER:Why Buy Silver Now+ Buying Silver Coins+Robert Kiyosak”

  1. I wish my work would pay me in morgan dollars. I hate paper money. Pay me
    in copper pennies. Give me something.

  2. Perth mint australia. under $2,000- no paper work if you pay cash. If over
    $2k photo id thanks..

  3. just out of curiosity, what were silver eagles and similar coins going for
    when Dilver was $4 an oz? were they sellign for $2 over spot just like they
    do now? Damn, I wish I would have bought back in 2000 or so but I was still
    in high school back then. i didnt stat buying until 2007.

  4. Poland does not have as many reserves of silver as Perú or México, these
    latter countries could win big time if they would mint their currency in
    silver, unfortunately, the shareholders of these companies mining the
    reserves are not nationals.

  5. @MrPeace2All I wish I’d bought some rounds 11 months ago. I just ordered 5
    oz. for roughly 50 dollars an ounce

  6. you guys are all looking at this waaaay to near term. Should you sell now??
    SURE! Sell to ME! you have the whole world on fiat currency backed by
    nothing and PM’s at unreasonable lows even at these levels .. and you’re
    saying sell?? into what? paper?? that’s simply irresponsible to your family
    .. the house of cards won’t be standing by 2020 .. hope you’re holding
    something the world recognizes as valuable …

  7. Friends don’t let friends buy silver (or any precious metal) at retail!
    That’s my motto! If you’re interested in buying silver at wholesale price,
    send me a message. No minimums or maximums!

  8. @yshawnjones Bullion…. Focus on getting the most .999 ounces for your
    money but eagles are great too don’t get me wrong. They just have a higher

  9. Great video, amazing when he made this video, Silver was at $15.00 per
    ounce and NOW it’s at $32.00 per Ounce….. It’s going to be interesting if
    it reaches $6,000 per ounce like Robert mentioned a couple weeks ago in an
    interview. Excited!!!!!!

  10. silver is silver no matter what FORM its in that is it if you nelive that a
    1oz bar is more valuble than 1oz coin then your a fuking idiot why should
    it be more valuble. its made out of the same thing and it the same weight

  11. could be, that is if gold and silver dont skyrocket like crazy! I can feel
    something big is in the way. the reason I don´t buy stocks right now is
    because I see the economic system is going crazy and I rather have REAL
    physical money instead of sending it to god knows where and loosing it if a
    calamity comes. You are right, it is my insurance…. but I believe
    investing in the market right now is very very … very risky.

  12. @genesistwoeighteen Blah (stop) blah (annoying) blah (people) blah (with
    your) blah (religious) blah (nonsense)

  13. The best silver coin to invest in is the one that gives you the highest %
    return on invest (ROI). The two components are entry and exit price. Your
    entry price is lower if you get price breaks. Your exit point is the price
    you get when you liquidate. Therefore, the best coins to invest is is
    dependent upon your location, as entry and exit prices vary geographically.
    It also depends on what’s trending at the moment, and silver spot price, so
    timing is a factor. Currently, for me, an American, if I was to buy and
    sell right now to make a profit, the highest ROI is the 2013 Australian
    Koala. I can buy for $24.6. The average Ebay sell price is $30. ROI of
    roughly 22%. That is the highest ROI available I could find at the moment
    using Ebay as the liquidator.
    The American Eagle only has a ROI of 10%, the Maple 12%, silver buffalo
    rounds 10%, and Libertad 10%.
    I would go with the Koala. It may be cute, fuzzy, and girly, but it
    demands the highest ROI. Put emotions aside and money first.
    Another clear winner is the uncirculated 5 oz ATB coins. You can buy
    directly from the mint and hold on to until they sell out. The premiums
    then go way up.
    Don’t listen to Flores, he’s an idiot

  14. You forgot the American Silver Eagle, Mexican Silver Libertad, the Silver
    Britannia, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic, and the Chinese Silver Panda.
    These coins make good investments too.

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