25 Comments on “Silver Unboxing from eBay – Poured Sterling Bar for Under Melt”

  1. you’re an idiot…$3/oz under melt? WAHOO! I would much rather pay $3 less
    for an ounce of that crap than I would a 1oz round. What do you plan on
    doing with your silver? I can tell you that no shop is going to buy a
    homemade 925 bar from you…so if you ask me you just wasted your
    money…but hey, at least it was at $3/under melt!

  2. that’s two back to back scores. I’m confident the bar will test out. you’ve
    done really well.

  3. i think Rocky is probably correct, my lcn told me refiners dont know what
    is in sterling mixes so that it is costly to bring it up to.999 so i am
    really leery about what will happen on the sell side.

  4. I like that bar a lot, ma man, but I’d be afraid to take the risk myself.
    on the other hand, no guts, no glory! Kudos to the guys who melt and sell
    their own.

  5. That is an interesting bar. I am really into the poured bars as well. Have
    you looked at the monarch precious metals ones….pretty cool looking.

  6. Awesome looking bar! & great job testing it out using the ping & magnet
    tests. I’m not familiar w/ the sliding magnet test. does it slide slower
    because its 925 as opposed to 999. i was only aware that silver wasn’t
    magnetic. I think it would be great if u drilled it dead center using a
    tiny drill bit like u said. I saw this done once on an episode of pawn
    stars. lol Then again, its such a fine looking bar, i’d prefer you not
    drill it. (indecision, indecision;)

  7. The reason to drill would be to ensure that the inside isn’t filled with
    another metal. I’ll definitely acid test the outside first though.

  8. I havent seen any info on that except a mention on one vid where a guy was
    melting .999 and wanted to make sure it was that or just over so he threw a
    few .9999 maples in to bring it up a bit. So im thinking you could in
    theory do that to sterling? to bring it up to .999 or even .990(just a
    thought & not sure if it would work or how much to add…but cant find
    anything on mixing purities, only that 1 i mentioned…they refine it with
    chemicals and stuff, but i dont wanna go there *_*

  9. Also, great job on getting those mercs for $100 (or $40) That is a major
    major score. That’s like paying under spot for junk, and mercs no doubt,
    the best junk on the market. Plus, in today’s market w/ falling spot prices
    90% premiums, as you know, are through the roof. you got a great deal!

  10. that’s fantastic. you earned it, man. I’m gonna have to try your technique
    at some point.

  11. Very nice – i have been researching a lot into the process of making bars,
    still a long way to go, but i have been saving scrap and slick coins with
    worn off dates etc just ina bag so when i feel im ready to give it a try I
    have stuff to work with. I have seen some really spectacular little hand
    poured bars in various shapes and sizes and they sell usually for quite a
    bit over spot if they are nice. Looking atm into mixing different purities
    of silver to get higher grade w/o refining..interestin

  12. Thanks for the comment, lol1110, but my experience on eBay has been largely
    positive. Knowledge is key, and if someone can become an expert on
    identifying real silver from fakes, then there is no worry about buying
    from eBay – the policies they have in place for buyer protection are
    fantastic. Great deals can be had if you know how to search for them.

  13. I probably stare at the falling prices, twitch a bit, and then forcibly
    laugh, but then buy more 😉

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