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  1. that is an awesome story you know I’m really not into bills… but as far
    as silver coins at face value from a bank that’s one heck of a score great
    job brother!

  2. @Ruppert Jenkins… theres no point in taking silver out of circulation if
    you dont have someone willing to give you more than face value… you are
    IN THE HOLE for face value as long as you keep it (as long as thats what
    you gave for it). most people would rather spend it than sit on it cause
    theyre breaking even not giving a crap.

  3. Please explain why any bank employee, in their right mind, would put aside
    and ‘save’ any silver coins for their customers, when they could simply
    exchange their OWN non-silver money for the silver coins and take the coins
    for THEMSELVES. I mean, isn’t that what YOU would do if you worked at a
    bank? Think about it: a single silver dime is down worth $2.25. That is 22
    times face value. So, why in the world would tellers give that away,
    instead of get themselves?

  4. sorry my pm is not working but i will trade for candian 50% ummmm i have 39
    buffalo nickels 1 1928 mercury dime and 2 1964 dimes

  5. I’m a teller at a credit union, no silver goes out that door if I have
    anything to say about it. Last week I scored 9 40% halves. I do have a
    competitor though that is a teller and she also saves silver…wish she’d
    sell it to me!

  6. ’65-’70 Half Dollars are 40% silver. ’64 and before half dollars are 90%
    silver. 1964 and before quarters and dimes are 90% silver. Only certain
    nickels from 1942 are made from silver. Nickels from 1943-1945 are made
    from silver. That’s a start to junk silver collecting!

  7. Seems like a slow lane, might be easier to grab a pair of 10k gold earrings
    at a yard sale for .50cents and make the same amount of money as all those
    silver coins are worth in 10 seconds.

  8. going through boxes of coins is a bit hard. sometimes nothing sometimes
    something,and sometimes you score big time.

  9. I should do that! She refers them to the antique store down the street so
    they can buy them (most likely for less than spot price). I’ll definitely
    be hitting the yard sales hard this summer. There is still snow up here in
    Nothern Ontario.

  10. I agree with you 100%. My point is to make a friend at the bank in addition
    to going to sales. I go to the bank to deposit checks almost every week
    anyway, so after I make my deposits I just pop in and ask her if she has
    anything for me. It takes all of a minute to do.

  11. I think its a dollar bill. It’s been in my jewelry box for years and years
    and I haven’t even thought about it till now. I do remember my 5th grade
    teacher showing us I think it was a $5 bill that had “gold certificate” on
    it and that’s when I started checking my bills and found the silver
    certificate. It’s really interesting. ‘

  12. As much as I would love to trade the Canadian Dollars, the deal you offered
    is not what I am looking for. I pretty much only collect silver (and gold)
    coins, so I ‘m not really interested in buffalo nickels. Thanks for the
    interest though!

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