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  1. @dontmesswithsqacky I think you are confused. 31.1grams is the size of 1
    troy ounce of pure silver bullion. A morgan dollar and a peace dollar are
    90% silver bullion and weigh 26.73 grams. just google it if you dont
    believe me.

  2. @TheFirstOmegaman Yea I agree with you on that I know silver has always had
    crazy swings and I think either JPM is going to try and short it to death
    even further so they dont have to cover their derivatives on paper or
    someone will try and corner the silver market like what happened in the
    80’s and any huge move up too quickly will be followed with a quick move
    down. It silver spot can break 55 and hold it then I would be amazed at to
    what might follow.

  3. I agree with your other viewer, get away from graded but try to buy junk,
    my favorites are the merc dime as it will never be conterfitted and it is
    recognizable to anyone. Try local flea markets . know a few dealers at mine
    and I sat with them for several months. try to get on good terms with one
    dealer , i have 2 of them one bullion aniother coin guy. Was able to pick
    up 4,000 mercs and a few hundred morgans this summer all at spot or below.
    and a few qtra and hal. but go junk

  4. great video mate, just want to know how or where do you sell your coins
    when the price has risen. I don’t know much about these but lately i have
    become really interested

  5. @lagoveride the morgans definately fake because most morgans that are fake
    weigh 26 grams.

  6. Gold is a great investment by far, but silver these days is climbing up the
    ladder & one day might exseed gold itself. Mainly due to the lack of silver
    in the world, there is less silver then there is gold. In other words
    theres a silver shortage & anyone whos in the silver or metal industry
    would be very interested in your silver.

  7. @dontmesswithsqacky what are you talking about. real morgans weigh 26.73
    grams as do peace dollars.

  8. @CollectingSilver The magnet test might also be good to use. well sliding
    the coin down a magnet. Luckily I have yet to encounter any fakes. I might
    pay a little extra, but I only use reputable dealers that I know on ebay
    when it comes to graded and ungraded coins. as far as loose mint state
    bullion coins and rounds and bars i just order from some of the major
    mints/ sites. A lot of the chinese fakes ive seen on youtube tend to weight
    at least a gram or more less than a real one.

  9. @thebirdbath I hear you on that. I enjoy coin collecting though, but once i
    finish the remainder of the airtites i have left I am going to focus on
    bars for a while and maybe diversify if i get the chance. Thanks for
    commenting and please subscribe if you like my videos or blog. I have much
    more coming soon to my channel. thanks you.

  10. I don’t understand why anyone buys graded coins and claim they are
    investing in silver or gold. Your cost is mainly based on the plastic slab
    and printed label. Smash that plastic and you lose tremendous amount of
    investment. Early release? Who cares if it’s the first or last? I can
    understand wanting the first drink from a pass around bottle of Jack
    Daniels or being the night’s first customer of a prostitute but first
    coin??? Do you enjoy the first piss of the day better than the last?

  11. I think it’s better to buy with cash, in person, no? I wouldn’t feel
    comfortable ordering online.

  12. @TheFirstOmegaman Thank you for your comment. I like coin collecting more
    of a hobby than anything else. I am going to start collecting more bars and
    rounds for now. I think I have all the maples, eagles etc I want for now. I
    have my eyes on some nice 25 and 50oz hand poured monarch bars. I just hope
    that we get a nice dip so i can get them at a good spot price. I will have
    much more content in the coming days and weeks. please subscrbe if you like
    my channel. Thank you so much

  13. Hey everyone I’m new but I sell tons of good coins nd currency subscribe nd
    check out my vids

  14. @CollectingSilver I have about 20 more airtites that i need to fill now.
    once those are done im going to only buy graded coins that are pcgs and ngc
    from dealers that i know and as for bullion I think im going to buy
    directly from the mints. I have my eyes on those monarch 50oz and 1kilo
    bars. At least from a mint you get a nice invoice and you know its real no
    matter what. Like ive said ive been lucky thus far and gotten no fakes
    mainly cause i buy from big dealers online.

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