Silver Bar Making: Steel & Graphite Moulds Test-Pour #3 Lessons Learned BUCHAN BULL BULLION VIDEO #4

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bought some MCM bars from eBay, just arrived and unpackaging.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. I know silver is silver, but why would somebody buy these bars when they
    can buy brand new awesome looking bars elswhere…?

  2. @mostlymichaelcanada Thanks a ton, this is why were are posting these
    videos, love all the input and ideas!! I guess the only issue with a
    milling is that I am a bit into hand-poured items, and I would also worry a
    bit about the loss ratio. We are using a milling machine to create our
    moulds, and have some custom logo stamps coming. Certainly a great idea
    though, and one could create exact specs, which some people are very keen
    on. Thanks again, always appreciate your thoughts! Jim

  3. Nice work! Very interesting, i’ve learnt quite a lot! I’ve been watching
    all of your videos over the last few days and I think I have 2 more left.
    Between you and Mike Maloney I have become a silver convert 🙂 I heard
    about you guys from Vita over here in Hastings, New Zealand. I’ve just
    started buying silver (only have 10 1 ounce coins at the moment), but it is
    pretty hard to come by here in NZ.

  4. Nice!!! You guys are making good progress with every pouring day. Congrats
    on some nice looking bars. You are well on your way and I am sure it will
    only get better as you continue tweaking. Looking forward to seeing these
    finished and stamped. Keep on rockin! 😉

  5. Cool videos!! But how do you guys expect to make any money when the price
    of silver is a set thing, and you seem to have some fairly labor intensive
    procedures going on?

  6. You could also try a milling machine. Basically, you’d pour a block of
    silver and mill it to your specs. Your logo could also be milled in, along
    with any fancy artwork. Very cool.

  7. @heatscore77 Thanks I think I will try for sure. These 5 ounce bars should
    need no rough sanding or grinding except for the spruces and any flashing,
    so basically just the edges, I hope to leave a nice clean finish on the
    surfaces, but very true, I do not really want to lose any ;-> Talk to you
    soon, Jim

  8. Hey were do you get your silver stamps from.. i been looking for a place to
    have one mades.. so i can stamp my bars..

  9. Hi, I ordered through a company called Saturn Industries EDM in the US,
    they have a website under this name. They are very helpful, I called them
    directly and spoke to a fellow to specify my exact needs, and they made me
    exactly what I was after, even recommended some very smart improvements,
    consulted me along the way, and produced a great product for a very fair
    price–I highly recommend them. You can shoot me a direct email if you
    would like further contact info. All the Best, Jim

  10. @AlbanianSilver1 Thanks, we hope everyone can learn a bit, and it is fun to
    watch molten metal, and allows people to question things, and give some
    great ideas, per below(thanks Heatscore77). We wanted to test this mould
    first, but after working with it today we are very happy, we may redesign
    the channeling other moulds, but very happy. We are being quoted for a
    similar steel 1 ounce mould, so I do hope to have 1 ounce soon, next size
    after is tricky…10 ozs or 1/2 ozs –thoughts? Thanks Jim

  11. @BuchanBullBullion I have to say these new bars look very sexy compared to
    the others in the beginning.. And personally a lot of inverters and
    collectors prefer smaller quantities of silver, much easier to sell and
    trade, and there is a higher demand for smaller quantities.after the 1oz.
    the 1/2 oz would be a good choice, would bring you more costumers as more
    people prefer to buy small amounts. Not everyone is willing to spend
    hundreds or can afford hundreds in one buy.

  12. Do you know what?… it’s great to see people getting out there and doing
    something… not afraid to fail… just experiencing new idea’s and living
    life. I wish nothing more than success to you guys. You are the future and
    a your a credit to yourselves and the USA.. Peace!

  13. @SportsItUpCards Low premium, customization, collector interest, supporting
    small business, plus the hand-poured and machine pressed bar markets are
    somewhat different markets. We also try to have as little impact on the
    environment as possible, as we are not refiners so we do not use the toxic
    fluxes necessary when refining. We basically recycle pure silver, .999 or
    higher, from other sources and recast. All batches sold out within 72
    hours, so there is a market. Thanks for commenting! Jim

  14. @Kontaktt Thank-You Very Kindly, certain not afraid for fail,
    try-try-again! We are all in the same boat US or CAN. All the Best to You
    and Yours, Jim

  15. i think you need to vent these molds you’d get a better result i think .hey
    ! from the great white north .How do you check the purity and guaranty you
    end up with a .999 finished product .

  16. Great video and great looking bars! What is the white lubricant on the
    steel? Is there a reason why you chose this particular steel for the mold?

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