25 Comments on “Provident Metals 10 Pound Copper Bar Review & Opinions”

  1. You’re right. The prices at provident metals are very close to the actual
    spot price. Its no different than buying copper pipe which cost more than
    the spot. So folks go to providentmetals and get you some copper.

  2. Sadly I was looking for a local group to earn my business for precious
    metal purchases. While I’m less than a half hour away from these folks,
    they insist on me paying for shipping & handling. Which means when & if I
    decide to sell I will be on the hooks for more out of pocket expenses. I
    can’t understand why folks who are getting a huge premium over spot have
    issues with customer requests.

    I guess these folks don’t realize, or don’t care, that if I have to pay
    shipping form others then I can shop them instead. Well It’s their business
    to run.

    Just my 2 cents…LOL

    BTW I went around to the mom & pop places. Most put on a mask when talking
    about metal purchasing. They want outrageous premiums for metals when you
    buy & don’t want to pay reasonable amounts if they buy back.

  3. a scrap metal junkyard will buy them for $3 a pound, Provident sales a 1 oz
    Copper round for $2? what a rip off

  4. ice video…I have the perfect response. I’ll send it, and if you like,
    approve it! Peace-

  5. Yeah even I will not touch the copper rounds. They are ridiculously
    expensive and of course have zero numismatic value.

  6. Yeah, an 85% premium is not ‘just over spot’ lol… until the premiums get
    realistic these are novelty pieces and people will stack copper in pennies
    & junk instead.

  7. Me neither =) That’s why I honor Provident Metals with my repeat business
    =) Great folks in the great state of Texas!

  8. I got into Silver at $18 and out at $27. It went higher and now back down.
    I’m watching it, but want to see lower numbers?? I thought about getting
    into Gold back when it was $300oz. My dad talked me out of it though saying
    it would go down. I could strangle him!

  9. @whittle4u Yeah when copper breaks 50 or so per pound this premium will
    become laughable. However the penny stackers will have greater profit then.

  10. @IrixGuy i’ve noticed that either way provident will get your money. I know
    for a fact that it cost more than $9 to ship a 10 pound package via
    priority mail. But they still make alot of money because a bar like that
    should cost $25 less. either way it looks nice. I just got a 1 pound bar as
    a filler item since I want them to ship using priority mail and not first

  11. One ounce of copper has a melt value of .22 cents at the moment. A local
    coin dealer is selling one ounce copper rounds for $2.50 each. That’s over
    1000% mark up. Crazy.

  12. When copper runs it’s going to run hard IMO. I agree though, less profit
    potential than stacking pennies.

  13. Provident is where I get my silver as well. Love that site, never felt like
    I can find better place to buy. I also buy some copper for fun on the side

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