25 Comments on “Pamp Bar unboxing and Silver update July 15th 2011”

  1. You’re a very smart man. Collect as much silver as possible. Solid ounces
    are best, just like you’re doing it now. Don’t stop until the dollar is
    sunk. Then wait. When the price of silver reaches $1500 or more, then
    consider selling.

  2. @silverpornUK Awesome i give you heads up right now! Once you start you
    cant stop 🙂 Worth every penny

  3. get the canadian mint 100oz bar! im thinkin bout either rcm 100oz bar or
    2x1oz gold maple leafs and 2 of those 10oz bars u got what you think?

  4. hello mate buy some maple leaf coins…..silver 999.9…..and
    gold….999.9…..lovely coins and good to have them…..you pay abit more
    in premium…but in the long run its a good buy…..and south african
    krugerrands……try to buy bullion bars….silver and gold…..ok mate

  5. You should consider purchasing 100oz Silver Bar. Save up for it, you can
    get a lower premium price. Trust me, it feels so good holding it in your
    hand. 100oz == 6.8lbs of .999 Silver. Good for Curls!

  6. Nice little collection – I’m just starting out myself. I like to buy silver
    pieces that actually give me pleasure to look at. May sound silly, but the
    price between the ones I like and ‘plain’ bars is not much, and the
    enjoyment is so much more. Keep stacking!

  7. hello mate…..go to APMEX.COM……they are based in the U.S…….they
    have a big selection of pamp silver and gold bullion…….in fact they
    have everything…..good spot prices and service….gd luck.

  8. @nostradome01 They look sexy! And just having one makes me want more! Its
    my favored bar i own today 🙂

  9. I love this 50 grams Pamp Suisse Silver bar. If you would like to buy more
    , apmex has it right now. Pamp Suisse bars: 1 oz for $61, 50 grams for $93
    100 grams for $166 At spot silver price: August 24 2011 $39.80.

  10. I’ve never been able to save this much money in cash before, so I agree
    with using silver as a savings plan, it works really well! But you do need
    a certain mind-set so you don’t get bored and sell it, that’s what the
    majority of the people would do! Great video! 🙂

  11. @toweronepower I think your vary much right, i have been looking into the
    Perth Mint coins, and bars for a bit now. I am thinking my next buy might
    be a few of the Perth coins and i am really looking into a 1oz Perth Mint
    gold bar perhaps for my next buy 🙂

  12. @SilverGoldBuddy that’s for sure! Now days I follow the markets closely
    too, I get excited with both the ups and the downs! It’s WIN WIN! 🙂

  13. WOW 2 months to get your package? yikes. Lucky they found it. I love your
    silver collection! Check out my videos too, I just uploaded 1 today. Add me

  14. @patellaman I agree with you 100% patellman, I have been one who could not
    save if my life depended on it! BUT now it seems a lot easier even saving
    currency seems a lot easier, after i got into silver and after my first
    silver buy i have been doing none stop research into Forex, Bullion,
    Stocks, Bonds, investments you name it! 😀 Buying Silver has really changed
    the way i look at our economy and how we are moving forward!

  15. @999SoundMoney Ya i was getting a little worried there for a bit, though i
    am happy to have it in my collection 🙂

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