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  1. What’s the point of collecting silver ? Playing the market in hopes in the
    hope it goes up and selling it for a profit ? Otherwise I just don’t see
    it, or rather, don;t understand it. Paper money is good until the
    government goes broke or dissolves, if and when that happens silver will be
    about as valuable as rocks. Everyday items like soap will be worth more

  2. The easiest way of explaining why it’s a good idea to save silver is
    ……example , in your left pocket you have £100 of silver , the other
    pockets the same in cash money , hold it 10 yrs then see how much your
    paper money buys compared to your silver. It’s the best hedge against
    inflation. Remember all the things you could buy when you were a kid ? That
    10 p sweet bag now costs you a pound !! Great video by the way. 

  3. What this guy said, sums it all up… silver is silver is silver.

    Unless you collect semi rare or somewhat valuable silver coins, at the
    beginning of

    the day and at the end… silver is just that… Silver!

    I buy the cheapest silver I can get and I forget the Engel’s etc . Look

    but….silver is just that, silver.

  4. This is the nicest 1oz. setup I’ve seen! That is why I ordered 3 boxes from
    the good folks at Air Tite as well. At glance, I counted 58 bars though?
    Thanks Again

  5. ps I have the same containers you have and I never use gloves on any of my
    silver. Low premium silver is easier to sell.

  6. I like your silver. Been in silver since 1985. My best advice is buy some
    90% stuff I like dimes. Easy to recognize and small denominations. I bought
    100 oz Engelhard bars that was a mistake. My dimes are at 2779 close to 200
    oz in 90%

  7. From the websites page that you posted a hyperlink to, Manufactured from
    polypropylene with separators to prevent the coins or medallions from
    contacting one another. Items are for shipping purposes only and NOT
    recommended for long term storage. Each unit will accommodate 20 pieces.

  8. Are you referring to the kind that is surrounded by brass and gun powder? I
    got plenty of that lol…

  9. Just a tip but if your gonna handle the silver, buy some white cotten
    jewelry inspection gloves. The oil from your fingers will make the silver
    change tone color. The airtites are nice but defeats the purpose if your
    honna handle wiyhout gloves

  10. Sweet! Have you looked into some of the silver-stackers videos on youtube?
    They offer some pretty good stacking ideas. ThesharpNshiny, Bigstackmcgee,
    EpicRV, Silerprepper, and MKMstillstackin just to name a few.

  11. I’m subbed to a few of them, but I’ll be checking outthe other channels!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I live just an hour away from Silvertowne. I just might visit them really
    soon. I’ve been there before. What a neat place.

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