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ebay has this thing called ebay voucher which allows you to sell without paying fees… http://pages.ebay.com/sell/nosellfees/
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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I *hate* when companies have promos/coupons/sales
    that are only for a random percentage of people based on who knows what
    criteria, but it’s good to know they’re doing this.

  2. yeah, hopefully they come to the conclusion that this ebay voucher is
    something the sellers like and it creates a win win for sellers, buyers and
    for ebay and makes it available for everyone.

  3. Mr Vegiita, I just tried this, and It didn’t work, I called Ebay and they
    told me is for Selected Users only… 🙁

  4. I tried too.. It was something a select group of ebayers were invited to
    use. I can understand why, more money in their pocket!

  5. I sell most of my silver to provident metals, they usually give me 20 cents
    over spot for generics and pay in a week

  6. cool, definitely good to sell other stuff and use the ebay voucher for
    silver. Btw, what is the best way to send silver to Provident? Priority
    Mail flat rate?

  7. Yes, I usually send a Small Flat rate (~$6) you have to sell them over
    $1000 or they will pay a bit more, But I’ve been buying from amagi and
    selling back to Provident for a while now and it works.

  8. But this is a great thing to turn other things into silver, since most the
    crap I sell on eBay I use the cash to buy silver at eBay anyway so will
    definitely give it a try

  9. if u want cash, then its better to sell to dealers. This is good for
    trading your metals for another form of metals.

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