2014 Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf 1 Ounce Silver Coin Review

This is the 2014 release of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf bullion coin series. It is the first release of the Maple Leaf that has the new security …
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This is my first Silver bullion purchase; this video and future videos are to two groups of people. The first are silver stackers who enjoy watching silver p…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

10 Comments on “2014 Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf 1 Ounce Silver Coin Review”

  1. That’s a laser print, from the Royal Canadian Mint, now used on our $1 & $2
    coins circulated. 

  2. The older Maple Leafs have better, Finer detailing with the Maple Leaf on
    the back. With the new anti counterfeit measures on the 2014’s, the RCM had
    to make cutbacks somewhere to keep the costs steady.

  3. Why do you buy silver coins ? It’s at the same price it was in 2009, or am
    i missing something. Cheers..

  4. You got that at a good price! But if you are going to sell it you shouldn’t
    have cleaned it.

  5. Thanks, I don’t think I can let this coin go; it’s gorgeous. As far as
    cleaning, I only cleaned the finger prints on the coin due to
    unprofessional handling…By the way, Nice Channel 🙂

  6. you deserve it for the research you did, nice Coin. It’s really up to you
    what you like to buy for silver bullion, go with the lowest premium for
    now…hand poured bars are great (small denominations)

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