10 oz Silver Bar Pyramids

This video offers my views on 10oz bars from Monarch Precious Metals & Scottsdale. I hope it shows the bars accurately for future buyers/investors. ENJOY! Ta…

This is a video of my NTR 10oz bar silver collection. I have more silver bullion in my collection, will upload in near future. Enjoy!

17 Comments on “10 oz Silver Bar Pyramids”

  1. Great video! You’ve convinced me to stack the 10 oz Monarch hand poured
    bars. They’re so cool. I just subbed too. Thanks!

  2. Thank you AG Metal but what I am nervous about is if it is fake. Their
    website doesn’t seem very trustworthy

  3. Thanks for sharing! Very much enjoyed your presentation! Good Luck and
    God Bless!

  4. Those bar are very nice. I only have 3 ten ounce bars. But after seeing
    yours, I think I’ll add some more to my wish list. i also have three tubes
    of eagles. But, I believe you can never have enough eagles.

  5. I got a poured 5 oz bar from Scottsdale but I am a nervous to buy pressed
    bars from their site. Is anyone else scared to pay hundreds on their
    amateur looking site?

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