25 Comments on “1 Kilo hand poured .999 Fine Silver bullion bar”

  1. @jsmtg314 nope, although looking at it from the video it kinda looks that
    way huh? If you think about it though, it would be literally impossible for
    me to reverse a metal stamp to make a backwards imprint. If I turned it
    upside down it would just become a “6”. I sold this a long time ago but I
    assure you the stamping was clear and deep in person.

  2. There are some retailers that sell those lil silver pallet balls you saw in
    the beginning. Its usually shipped like that to silversmiths or industrial
    complexes for further processing. there is one retailer in the Netherlands
    that i know of that also sells it to regular customers. Personally i
    wouldnt buy it except if i had way to much money and time on my hands and a
    knowledge of metallurgy and chemistry. 😛

  3. @AudiophileTubes why does anyone do anything. some men like to make thier
    own things with they own hands

  4. The bar isnt pretty but u made it your self so it kicks ass well done I
    recently melted my sterling silver chain and mixed some borax in refining
    is old school not to mention legendary

  5. you put 1017 grams of silver grains in it how do u make sure the end result
    is one kg?

  6. Why buy silver shot to make big bars ? preferable to have smaller
    denominations if it were me. Plus, large bars seem a bit to tote about in a
    pocket. What you do with the smelt is very cool though. I wish i had one of
    those things just to play with. I would put me name on her.

  7. yea how much is equipment ? also how do you stamp it? it doesnt have to be
    softened up to stamp?

  8. Are these table top Furnaces Worth the money? I am Very interested in doing
    this. But I hear that you only get so many total Melts out of the heating
    element. Any problems with it? Nice video, Nice Bar!!!

  9. I think doing this is amazing!! You could form the silver into more than
    just bars which is awesome!! Man I wish I have the space to do this because
    I would! check out my channel and sub!

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